What Is health Insurance?

What is health insurance? Its benefits, things to keep in mind What is Health Insurance | How to Get Health Insurance

In view of the diseases happening all over the world and new diseases coming every day, there is increasing concern among people about their health. Now people are getting attracted towards yoga and exercise. It has also become necessary to take care of your food and drink. But think about what you will do if you have a major illness keeping all these things in mind?

Perhaps your answer will be “the treatment of that disease, but do you know how much it costs to cure even the smallest disease in this inflationary era? Believe it or not, but if you belong to a middle-class family and God forbid someone in your family gets a major illness, then let me tell you that the expenditure involved in it can push you back 10 years.

We mean that all the savings made in the last 10 years of your life can be spent in that disease. Then comes another question that “will we ever be able to come out of the fear of these diseases”?

Now let’s talk about those people who believe that they can never have any major disease. Let’s assume you can’t get any disease! But can you say with certainty that no accident can ever happen to you? Yes, friends, if an accident happens to you in future and the doctor talks about doing your surgery or something else which can cost you lakhs of rupees, then what will you do?

The answer to all your questions is “HEALTH INSURANCE” , yes friends, health insurance is the solution to all these problems, which can end all your worries, how? This we tell you. First know what is health insurance? And how does this work.

What is health insurance?

  • If you go out to get insurance in the market today, then many types of insurance policies will come in front of you. Like you insure your car or life.
  • In the same way, your health is also insured. Just like the insurance company takes care of any kind of damage in your vehicle, similarly in health insurance, the insurance company takes care of the expenses on your health.

If put in more simple words, “Health insurance is a system that helps you financially when your health deteriorates. Or rather say that “health insurance” is the service of the insurance company that takes care of your health related expenses. You just have to buy this service from the insurance company.

How is health insurance done? | How to Get Health Insurance

Even today, more than 70% of the people in India have not got their health insurance done, and even among those who have done, many people are not aware about the right policy of health insurance. Since these services are related to our health, it becomes necessary that we buy the policy with accurate and complete information.

  • You can buy the policy in two ways, first you can get your health insurance through both online and offline. There are many such companies on the internet that do your health insurance, but to know the right policy , you can compare with a website like Policy Bazaar.

  • Offline, ie any Health Insurance that when you can get your health insurance to meet and accurate information from the agent of the company, to focus on a company works more for less and its advantages for your benefit so policy Understand all the terms and conditions properly so that you do not have to face trouble while claiming later.

  • Friends, after taking the policy, we think that now the insurance company will bear the cost of all our diseases. But let me tell you, this does not happen at all. The insurance company only gives you some percentage of your cost, it depends on your policy how much percentage it will help you.

What Types of Health Insurance

There are many types of health insurance, this insurance company provides it to the consumer at the convenience of him. In which we have told some types below.
No type of health insurance plan is better than any other plan. It really depends on your needs and preferences. Some enjoy the ownership rights provided by fee-for-service plans, while others prefer the low-cost closed-panel HMOs. Also, since every health insurance company competes for business, it becomes difficult to differentiate between the types of plans.

Nevertheless, we have divided health insurance into 4 plans according to traditional and restricted care.

  1. fee for service plan

  2. PPO( Preferred Provider Organizations)

  3. POS( Point-Of-Service plans)

  4. HMOs( Health Maintenance Organizations)

1. Fee for Service Plan :-

In this plan, you have to first pay the cost of illness, after that the insurance company pays you the maximum percentage of that bill. Last few years back this scheme used to be an ideal scheme. In which you could freely choose your doctor, hospital and healthcare provider.

  • You can choose your specialist for your treatment without anyone’s permission, you can get your treatment wherever you want. You do not have to be bound by the insurance company in this plan.
  • Winning is the good service of this plan, equally expensive is its fee. Usually the insurance company starts the salary between 13000 to 1,75,000 before the payment starts. In this, you have to pay the hospital bill first, after that the insurance company pays you 80% of the bill, looking at your hospital bill, many times the insurance company pays the money directly to the hospital itself.
  • Under the fee-for-service scheme, the insurance company returns the same money to the consumer as it comes to hospitalization and treatment. If your doctor pays more than the limit of the plan of the insurance company, then you will have to pay the remaining amount.
  • The higher the premium the consumer pays to the insurance company while taking the fee service, the more services they get. This service is not only expensive, but it also involves a lot of paper work.

2.Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) :-

PPOs is a service for the customers that comes with low fees and a network of health care providers. That is, under this service, the consumer has to be bound and treated in a limited range. This range is chosen by the insurance company.

  • For example, you get your treatment done in the selected range of the insurance company and you have to pay some 10,000 rupees in the hospital, then in this situation the insurance company will pay you the full amount as you have spent. But if you get your treatment outside the selected range, then the insurance company can deduct some percentage in your payment.
  • In PPO service, you have the freedom that
  • you can get your treatment from any specialist doctor according to your scope, the insurance company will return the full amount to you.
  • In PPO service, you do not have to do much paperwork nor do you have to pay more amount to the insurance company for this service.

3. POS( Point-Of-Service plans):-

Points and service plans are also somewhat similar to PPO plans. But in this service you can choose a primary care doctor in your area. The one who takes care of your health first.

  • You can also go outside the scope of this service and get yourself treated, but you have to bear most of the expenses outside the scope yourself.
    If your primary doctor himself advises you to go out of scope for treatment, then in that case you have to pay most of the cost of treatment yourself.
  • But if you yourself go outside the scope of your own will and get your treatment done, then you have to go through more paperwork with more expenses.
  • POS service also gives you other benefits such as you can join any health improvement program , such as seminars like alcohol de-addiction or drug addiction etc.

4. HMOs( Health Maintenance Organizations) :-

Whenever you talk about health maintenance organization service, keep in mind that you are talking about a closed panel service. Let me tell you, as much as it is least expensive, it is also flexible. You can avail this service individually or for both the family.

  • Simply put, in this you neither have to do much paperwork nor do you have to pay more premium.
  • In HMO it is only necessary that you first see your primary doctor, if your doctor asks you to consult some other specialist then you can get your treatment done by another specialist in that situation.
  • But if you want to get your treatment done by any other specialist without the advice of your primary doctor, then you have to first take permission from HMO.
  • HMO has many clinics and offices of its own which provide you all kinds of facilities.

Benefits of health insurance Benefits of Health Insurance

Well, there are many benefits of health insurance, but there are some selected and special benefits that you must know.

Increasing online facilities: –

Earlier whenever one had to take health insurance, he could take it with the help of some agent or the other. Since now is the age of internet and hence insurance companies have started doing health insurance online. Now you don’t need to go anywhere. There is no need to meet any agent, now you can get your health insurance online.

Renewal Facility: –

As we mentioned, there have been many changes in the insurance policy before and now and it is quite simple and flexible than before. That is, earlier the age of insurance was limited to your maximum age. But now you can renew the insurance at any age.

Direct connection between the hospital and the insurance company: –

The earlier insurance conditions were such that you had to pay the hospital amount first, after that the insurance company used to help you after 24 hours. But now some insurance company is such that by connecting directly to the hospital, it helps you at the same time.

Things to know about health insurance Health Insurance Facts

Often, while taking health insurance, we do not take care of some things, due to which we have to face many problems later, any insurance company works only for its own benefit, so the agent tells you about the plan according to its benefits. . While taking health insurance, it is very important to take care of some special things like ..

  • While taking insurance, you should be fully aware of what facilities related to hospitalization are included in your policy.
  • It is important for the consumer to know that out of the expenses that the patient has to face during the treatment, which items are covered in the policy.
  • In any health related policy, it is very important for the consumer to know all the terms and conditions of the policy coverage.
  • While buying insurance, the consumer should take special care of whether the insurance policy he is buying has co-insurance or not. And at the same time, the date of renewal of insurance has to be taken care of.