What is health insurance? Information about its types, qualifications, and benefits.

Are Health Insurance (W Hat Is Health Insurance)

Health insurance is a type of insurance service, in which one can plan his medical and surgical expenses. Different types of financial institutions have different plans for them. Mainly, this insurance helps the customer to pay for hospitalization, ambulance, nursing care, surgery, medical bills, etc. at the time of the accident or any disease. To get all these benefits, only one thing has to be done that is to buy health insurance according to your income. The insurance company fulfills all these responsibilities very well. Certain insurance plans also give money for conducting health check-ups from time to time.

Types of Health Insurance (Type Of H Ealth Insurance In Hindi)

There are different types of insurance plans catering to different needs and requirements of different ages. The main insurance plans are being mentioned below one by one –

  • Individual Health Insurance :
  • ‘Star Critics Plus’: This plan is a complete personal health insurance plan under Star Health Insurance.
  • ‘Apollo Munich Easy Health Premium’ : Apollo Munich is a very good personal health insurance with more than 4500 hospital arrangements and service of about 10,000 doctors in more than 800 cities of the country. It does not involve any kind of ‘hidden charges’ at all.
  • Family Floater Health Insurance :
  • ‘Max Bupa Health Family First’: This plan is mainly designed for the joint family of India. A maximum of 14 members of the family can be included in this. With a variety of profitable plans, it proves to be very good for Indian families.
  • ‘Bajaj Alliance Health Guard Family Floater Option’: This plan is planned by Bajaj Alliance. In this, all types of expenses during each type of hospitalization are for the customers of this insurance.
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme :

After retiring from the job, that is, for the different types of health-related problems faced by the people on aging, many insurance companies have made various types of insurance plans. For this, ‘Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance’ by Star Health Care Company and ‘The New India Senior Citizen Medi Claim Policy’ from New India Assurance Company Limited is also very good insurance plans for this.

  • Critical Illness Insurance Plans :
  • Religare Health Assure: In the immediate time, various types of diseases have started coming into existence due to various reasons. Many diseases are also fatal. Insurance plans have also been made for such life-threatening diseases. One of these is Religare Health Insurance. This is usually a personal accident plan which works for life-threatening diseases.
  • HDFC ERGO Health Critical Illness Platinum: This plan is provided by HDFC ERGO, which can be availed across 15 different critical illnesses.
  • Apollo Munich Optimal Vital: This is a good insurance plan from Apollo Munich Health Insurance. The most attractive thing about this insurance is that in this specialist doctors can consult doctors through e-option and can ask their health related questions from them.
  • Cashless Mediclaim Policies :

Royal Sundaram Total Health Plus and Bharat Aksa Health Insurance provide this type of health insurer service in India. Cashless mediclaim is useful in those types of accidents in which a lot of money is involved in one go. Cashless mediclaim policy is very useful in such times of crisis.

Qualification of Health Insurance (Health Insurance Eligibility)

To get health insurance, different types of financial institutions require different qualifications. Here some special demands are being given.

  • best individual health insurance plan
PlanApollo Munich Easy HealthICICI LombardReligare CareMax Bupa HealthBajaj Alliance
minimum age18 years / 5 years (for children)18 years / 6 years (for children)18 Years / 91 Days (For Infant)18 Years / 3 Months (For Infant)18 Years / 3 Months (For Infant)
maximum age65 yearsNo limitsNo limitsNo limits65 years
minimum amountRs. 1,00,000Rs 1,00,000Rs. 3,00,000Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 2,00,000
maximum amountRs 50,00,000Rs 10,00,000Rs 60,00,000Rs 1,00,00,000Rs 1,00,00,000
waiting period3 years2 to 4 years (based on coverage option)4 years3 or 4 years (depending on medical condition)2 years
  • Family floater health insurance for :
PlanApollo Munich Star Family Health OptimalReligare CareMax Bupa Health CompanionRoyal Sundaram Lifeline Elite
minimum age18 years / 5 years (for children)18 years / 16 days (for newborn)18 years / 3 months (for children)18 years / 3 months (for children18 years / 3 months (for children
maximum age65 years65 yearsNo limit for adults / Maximum 25 years for childrenNo limit for adults / 21 years for childrenNo limit for adults / 21 years for children
minimum amountRs. 3,00,000Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 3,00,000Rs. 2,00,000Rs 25,00,000
maximum amountRs 50,00,000Rs 15,00,000Rs 60,00,000Rs 1,00,00,000Rs 1,50,00,000
number of memberstotal 6total 5total 6total 4total 5
waiting period3 years for medical conditions or pre-existing diseases4 years for medical conditions or pre-existing diseases and 2 years for specified diseases4 years for medical conditions or pre-existing diseases and 2 years for specified diseases4 years for medical conditions or pre-existing diseases and 3 or 2 years for specified diseases depending on the variant chosen2 years for medical conditions or pre-existing diseases
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan :
PlanApollo Munich Optimal Sr.Bajaj Alliance Silver Healthstar senior citizen red carpetMax Bupa Heartbeat Individual GoldNational Insurance Senior Mediclaim
minimum age61 years46 years60 years3 months60 years
maximum ageNo limits70 years75 years65 yearsNo limits
minimum amountRs. 2,00,000Rs 50,000Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 5,00,000Mediclaim: Rs. 1,00,000/ Critical Illness : Rs. 2,00,000/
maximum amountRs. 5,00,000Rs. 5,00,000Rs 10,00,000Rs 50,00,000Mediclaim: Rs. 1,00,000 / Critical Illness : Rs. 2,00,000
waiting period  3 Years with Pre Medical Condition1 year with a prior medical condition2 years with a prior medical condition1 year1-year free claim with pre-medical condition
  • For critical illness :
PlanApollo Munich Optimal VitalReligare Assurehdfc ergoBajaj AllianzMax Bupa Health Insurance
minimum age18 years18 years18 Years / 5 Years (For Dependents)18 years / 6 years for children18 years
maximum age65 years65 years65 years65 years65 years
minimum amountRs. 1,00,000Rs. 5,00,000Rs. 2,50,000Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 3,00,000
maximum amountRs 50,00,000Rs 1,00,00,000Rs 10,00,000Rs 50,00,000Rs 10,00,000
number of critical illnesses3720151020
waiting period4 years on prior medical condition4 years on prior medical condition90 days90 days4 years on prior medical condition

Health insurance benefits (HEalth Insurance Benefits)

There are many benefits to having health insurance. It is more beneficial in emergency times. Following are some of its advantages. 

  • Online Features : The best part is that health insurance can now be bought online as well, which was earlier bought by an agent. One of the advantages of online is that customers will be able to know all the insurance related information themselves and choose the right insurance for themselves as per their requirement, by staying on the surface of reality beyond the captivating talk of the agent.
  • Various premium payments : Many insurance companies in India offer similar facilities, but in the meantime, some companies like Bharti Aksa and Star Health Insurance also take out many types of ‘zone based premium’. These premiums vary for different cities and metros. It is generally seen that the health insurance of metropolitan cities is more expensive than the insurance of general cities.
  • Renewal Service : Unlike the old insurance system, many immediate time health insurance have started coming in more easy and flexible form. There was a maximum age limit in the old insurance system, but the service of many immediate health insurance is free from this condition, and the subscriber can renew this plan at any time during his lifetime.
  • Help in OPD Expenses: While in traditional insurances the hospitalized person is able to insure after 24 hours, some health insurance companies are also providing the facility of providing immediate support. Under this facility, health insurance companies pay all the OPD expenses of the customer. At present, ICICI and Star Health Care are providing this facility.
  • Cashless Service : Many insurance companies have direct relationship with big hospitals, who provide cashless service to their insurance customers in their attached hospitals. So the customers do not need to worry about the cash in the required time.
  • Tax benefits : As per section 80D, the insurance subscriber can also get some tax benefits. The customer can get a benefit of up to Rs.55,000 under this section.

Health Insurance things to learn (HEalth Insurance Important Facts)

There has been a steady increase in health-related expenses in the last two decades. In this way, more and more money is being spent even on the smallest health-related problems. Therefore, health insurance proves to be very effective in this time, but before taking a plan, it is very important to know all the necessary facts related to the plan. It is very important to know the insurance-related instructions, terms, and conditions. Different plans have different rules. like-

  • It is necessary to know the complete things about Cashless Hospitalization, Planned Hospitalization, Emergency Hospitalization etc.
  • Knowing and understanding any healthcare policy coverage is very important for a customer.
  • The customer needs to know whether the prior medical condition is covered or not. The customer needs to take into account all the unutilized medical expenses.
  • While buying insurance, customers should take special care of whether the insurance being purchased is co-insurance or not. Also, keeping in mind the last date of insurance, the insurance should be kept updated.

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