1. You have to be elder than 18 years old to become a member of Way2earn.IN and you have to be able to read & understand the English language and must be resident of India.
2. You must agree to comply with country or regional laws that may be applicable to your use of the Internet and your membership with Way2earn.IN.
3. You have to provide true information about yourself. If this information is changed you must update your profile with Way2earn.IN immediately.
4. Users have to provide all the true information in their profile to make a transparency with the way2earn.IN.
5. If user forgets its password then use Forget password with details to get a new password.
6. We reserve all the rights to send you the promotional & Non-promotional content. The Non-promotional content for which the commission structure will not be applicable and no payment would be made for these types of content.
7. This is mandatory for all the users have to read all the content and e-mails sent to you from the Way2earn.IN.
8. Way2earn.IN is reserves the right to cancel your membership at any point of time without any prior notice & without any specific reason.
9. Way2earn.IN will send you a Check Active User messages called Verification CONTENT in particular time intervals to check that you are reading the messages sent to you or not. You MUST respond to this Verification CONTENT.
10. All the users have to reply with Active as keyword when they get a Verification CONTENT from the way2earn.IN.
11. If the user can't reply more than 3 times to Verification Content the account will be freeze. Rs.25 will be deducted from the both user's account to reactivate the freeze account.
12. All the freeze accounts are updated with the valid reason of freezing. Users have to send an e-mail to cs@way2earn.IN with subject: - reactivate to activate the freeze accounts with full description of their problems.
13. There is no employee-employer or any another kind of relationship is created by the using of Way2earn.IN web site and its services.
14. All members have to use the mobile phone for receiving advertisements & earn commission form the Way2earn.IN. One member can register multiple mobile numbers on Way2earn.IN with same name and profile.
15. Your mobile number is used as your username to login in your account with Way2earn.IN.
16. By filling out the registration form with Way2earn.IN you are agreeing to receive the all advertisements on your mobile phone/email id which is sent by the Way2earn.IN and its group sites (Applicable in future).
17. Maximum advertisements per day only specify that the maximum number of advertisement that you want in a single day from a Way2earn.IN.
18. You agree on that it's not guarantee that you will receive the minimum or maximum numbers of advertisement from Way2earn.IN in a day. This is depends on your mobile service provider. If there is any delay from the end of service provider, you might receive more than or less than the maximum number of advertisement in a single day.
19. You are not authorized to share your account with any other individual or family member. And you are also not allowed to transfer your account to anyone.
20. You agree to and must use your own name, mobile number and e-mail address in the sign-up process and may not assume a false identity. You must sign-up multiple times with a different mobile numbers.
21. You are solely responsible for any and all use of your Way2earn.IN.in account including authorization by you to any third party individual who may use your account.
22. Should any instance of fraud, system abuse, or any type of activity deemed to be illegal or inappropriate by Way2earn.IN be detected it may result in member termination and possible legal action towards them.
23. You may not promote your referral links through unsolicited emailing (i.e. SPAMMING), newsgroup postings, or any other method of mass communication. Failure to comply with result in immediate termination of membership (Applicable for both free & premium customer) with Way2earn.IN and may result in legal prosecution. Way2earn.IN strictly enforces anti-spamming laws.
24. Any member caught Spamming will not only have their account terminated immediately and lose any past, present and future earnings, but shall also be held liable for spamming as shall cooperate with any authorities and investigations that may arise from the spamming incident.
25. Way2earn.IN is not responsible if the mobile number belongs to someone other than you. You personally will be liable in case the actual owner presses charges.


1. Way2earn.IN reserves all the rights to terminate your membership at any point of time with or without cause or notice. Your rights to use of Way2earn.IN immediately stop on the termination of your membership.
2. Termination of an account cause full loss of the payouts accumulated prior to termination. At the time of account termination there will be NO earning will be paid out.
3. You can cancel your membership at any point of time by logging in your account and choosing to DELETE membership. Your earnings will be paid out only if the minimum limit will be crossed. If your earnings are less than the minimum limit at the time of account cancellation, you will not get this amount.
If you re-enroll yourself after cancellation your membership, you will be assigned a new account number. Any unclaimed amount from previous account will not be credited to your new account.
5. If user can't reply to Verification CONTENT more than 3 times then its membership will be ceased immediately (Some charges will applicable to renew this membership).
6. Once your account is deleted or terminated, your profile will be deleted from the site.
7. You understand and agree that cancelling membership will result in your inability to earn money. You understand and agree that cancellation of membership will result in the cancellation of all of your earned money.


1. We promise to our entire user to maintain the privacy of their personal information. For further more use privacy policy.
2. The way2earn.IN is not sharing any kind of information which is register by the user at time of registration.


1. We offer you to participate in an advertising sponsored service based on permitted marketing. After successfully registration, you will receive an advertisements, promotions or similar marketing messages on your mobile phone/email.
2. Messages will be sent in accordance with your specified profile and your personal interests.
3. You can invite your colleagues, friends and family to join the network and they can get the same service on their mobile phones. For every advertisement you receive you get a direct payment.
4. For every advertisement you received on your mobile phone you get paid a commission. You will also receive commissions for all your direct referrals.
5. We appreciate your talent and hidden quality, and giving a source of earning by performing in front of all. We provide a platform to the potential users.

Terms & Conditions for payouts

1. Users will receive commissions for their direct reference to way2earn.IN & the promotional content that they get on their mobile phone/emails. The all applicable commission rates are always updated on the Way2earn.IN.
If Way2earn.IN made any changes in the payout rates & commissions for any reason it will be updated on the website.
3. Payment will be made only when user earn above the minimum limit of Rs.500.
4. Way2earn.IN is not responsible for any kind of taxes which is applicable on your earnings & gifts. Users are solely responsible for the payment of any taxes which is applicable on money or gifts that you received from Way2earn.IN.
5. Payout options are always posted on the Way2earn.IN website. The option are currently available to receive payments is via cheque or NEFT.
6. Cheque: - After the request is accepted, a cheque will be issued and couriered within 10 working days. The cheque will be made in favor of name provided at the time of registration with Way2earn.IN.
The commission cheque is couriered to the address provided with Way2earn.IN at the time of registration. The charges for processing of cheque and in delivery will be deducted from the payout amount of the user (Rs.50 will be deducted as a processing charge).
8. All the gifts are given on the behalf of Way2earn.IN. The all taxes (If any applicable) will be paid by the winner.
9. No cash will be given on the behalf of gifts. The user has to show their photo-ID to claim their gifts from Way2earn.IN.