Pizza Monday Planet Fitness Full Details

If one thing is certain, summer is made for indulging in BBQ and sweet treats. Unfortunately those delicious foods don’t always make you feel your best. Now is a good time to beat that feeling with a shiny new (relatively cheap) health club or gym membership.

With those specifications in mind, many will turn to Planet Fitness. Keep scrolling for a break down of everything you need to know before becoming a member of the Judgement Free Zone.

Planet Fitness is a Franchise

Because Planet Finesses are all franchised, rules and restrictions may vary from club to club. Thus, always contact your local Planet Fitness to confirm any of what is below, or ask about other details and clarifications. However, all details below apply to most all locations.

Membership Options

Standard/$10 a month

This is the standard membership for a Planet Fitness member. It includes unlimited entry to the club you registered at, unlimited fitness training, and of course the Planet Fitness T-shirt all new enrolees receive. This is a good plan if you prefer to work out alone and if don’t need any flashy extras. If you just want to get fit for a low cost, the $10 a month plan is right for you.

PF Black Card

The deluxe membership at Planet Fitness, the Black Card has double the monthly cost but with many additional benefits. The Black Card offers everything the $10 a month plan does but allows you to use it at any location. Additionally, you can bring a guest with you any time you go, making it a great option if you have a spouse, friend or sibling that’s trying to get fit too. Other included features are use of tanning, unlimited use of massage chairs, and half price cooler drinks. Some locations offer hydro massage, haircuts, and total body enhancement for Black Card members. This card will also get you 10% at the Planet Fitness store, 20% off at Reebok, and additional discounts depending on the location.

Planet Fitness Culture

Planet Fitness has a very unique gym culture, sometimes referred to as “the gym for people who hate gyms.” A self-declared “Judgement Free Zone” (yes the misspelling is intended; the company says it reflects their no-judgment character).

These clubs cater to casual people looking to stay in shape, not body builders. There is mostly cardio equipment, with some dumbbells and other strength training equipment that doesn’t go too high in weight. What this means is that if you’re looking to get ripped, this is probably not the gym for you. In fact, anyone caught slamming weights or otherwise “gymtimidating” other patrons will have the Lunk Alarm set off on them and will be asked to leave on their second offense.

Pizza Mondays and Bagel Tuesdays

Part of Planet Fitness culture is having Pizza Monday on the first Monday of every month, in which all members can get free pizza. Free bagels are served on the second Tuesday of each month.


Start Up/Enrollment Fees

Start up fees vary depending on your subscription type, location, and time of year. Promotions can also reduce or even waive the start  up fee. Check with your local club to find out what yours will be, but usually the enrollment fee is $20 or less. You will also have to pay prorated monthly fees, which are a fraction of the current month’s fee, when you sign up (unless you sign up on the day cards are charged, the 17th of each month). This allows you to use the gym right from when you sign up without paying the entire previous month’s fee.

Monthly Fees

The monthly fee for the $10 a month plan is…you guessed it! $10. The monthly fee for the Black Card is $19.99.

Annual Fees

The annual fee for all plans is $39.00, charged once a year. As always, check with your location, but this should be charged on or around August 1st.

Uncollectable Charge Fee

Planet Fitness will charge an additional $10 for any payment request that is uncollectable, whether due to insufficient funds or other reasons.


This is a big one; always check for promotions. Planet Fitness runs many throughout the year, so there’s a big chance you can snag a discount on one or more of these fees.

Minimum Monthly Term and Cancellation

Planet Fitness memberships usually have a minimum monthly term unless you sign up through a promotional No Commitment plan. This is usually 12 months, and means you can’t cancel during this time unless you pay the $58 buyout fee or have one of the following reasons:

  • Upon doctor’s order you cannot physically or medically receive the clubs services
  • A health club near you closer or changed locations and you can’t go to another one
  • Your residence or place of employment changes to 25 miles (or if you already were, 35 miles) away from any Planet Fitness or club willing to honor the contract.

If you qualify for one of these, your fees will be returned within 15 days.

You must cancel your Planet Fitness membership in person at your home location or by an approved, written letter that meets the requirements of your club’s cancellation policy.

So, there you have it. Planet Fitness is a well-reviewed health club and gym that offers a lot for a low price, but it’s not for everybody. Hopefully this guide has helped you to make a decision on where you’ll be getting fit this summer. So go out there and get it!

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